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A new carpet adds a touch of luxury and warmth to any room. That new carpet smell or feeling of soft, luxurious carpet under your feet cannot be beaten. With so many different designs, materials and colours to choose from, it can be difficult knowing where to start. At Norman Fosters we are here to help.

Come into our showroom in Darlington to browse our range of 100’s of carpets from traditional to contemporary designs; loop pile, soft touch or twist pile; wool, wool mix or polypropylene fibre. All of our carpets are made by the UK’s leading manufacturers which are recognised as making the best carpets in the world.


Loop Pile

Ideal for staircases and living rooms wool loop pile carpets can stand heavy traffic and don’t show foot marks.

Soft Touch

Ideal for bedrooms, soft touch deep pile carpets add an extra touch of comfort. Developments in technology have lead to softer, silky fibre’s being used.


Ideal for any room in the house and perfect for families and homes with pets. The yarn is tightly twisted and with a cut pile finish, provides a textured pile surface.


How carpets look and function depends largely on the fibres they are made of. Wool is still widely recognised as the best fibre for use in carpet. It can be used on its own in a pure 100% form or in 80%/20% blends with nylon and polypropylene to improve its wear properties.

Wool is natural, renewable and biodegradable. It is also breathable and a natural insulator to keep your home warm. The protective waxy coating on wool fibres makes wool products resistant to staining and they also pick up less dust as wool is naturally antistatic. Wool is also odour resistant and resilient.

Wool Mix carpets are made from yarn that is tightly twisted to create a textured surface. Comfortable and hard wearing, wool twist carpets are available in plain, heather and flecked styles.

Polypropylene is a man made fibre which is hard wearing and naturally stain resistant and some are even bleach cleanable.

Norman Foster Carpets is a member of the Carpet Foundation.

This means that we follow a code of practice approved by the Trading Standards Institute.

Why should you buy your carpet from a carpet foundation retail member?

  • Impartial professional advice – you buy what is just right for your particular needs.
  • Written terms of business – so you know where you stand on payment terms, methods, deposits etc.
  • Written quotations – which will show you what you have to pay with no hidden extras.
  • Deposit safeguards – deposits (up to 50%) will be safeguarded through the CF deposit protection scheme.
  • Free extended guarantees – for carpet produced by Carpet Foundation Member Manufacturers of up to 2 years against manufacturing faults and pile reversal.
  • A free installation guarantee – of 12 months if fitted by the retailer.
  • After Sales procedures – to resolve issues in the unlikely event of any problems occurring with your order. This involves Free Conciliation and low-cost arbitration.