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Kersaint Cobb

The hills of New Zealand, the beaches of India, the forests of Asia, the deserts of Africa and South America, these are just some of the places where the story of Kersain Cobb’s beautiful natural floor covering range begins.

Subtle shades and rich tones are sourced from the finest producers across the world, their natural surroundings providing the inspiration for traditional and modern designs that bring character and richness into your home.

From the softness and warmth of wool to the exciting textures of grass, jute, coir and sisal, the Kersaint Cobb collection reflects the beauty of the natural world.


The rich wool carpet will give you that warm and cosy feeling, as well as feeling sumptuous on your feet. From pale naturals to statement stripes, Kersaint Cobb source the finest wool to offer you a wide choice and something to suit every area of your home.


Practical and durable, sisal offers plenty of exciting choices to create a great new look for your living space. The natural fibers readily take on vegetable dyes, offering beautiful colour blends or solid tones to suit your decorating scheme.

Sea grass

Spun and woven with care this is the most natural flooring Kersaint Cobb offer. With a thin latex backing it will live and breathe in your home and you can admire the colour tone change throughout its life as it ages gracefully.


Soft and golden, the slender jute fibres love the sun and the humid times of the monsoon season. Jute is delicate and perfect for quieter areas of your home giving a calming feel.

What’s more you can relax with the knowledge it is recyclable and biodegradable.


The short brown fibres of the coconut husk are soaked, spun and carefully woven into a rustic and charming floorcovering that offers a real outdoors feeling under your feet. The coconut matting is a perfect way to protect your floors from unwanted dirt and with six colours available it is stylish, practical and low maintenance.

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