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Penthouse Carpets has been part of the British wool carpet industry since founder John Hawker made his first rug over 40 years ago.The 80-strong workforce each own a part of the company, which means that their success depends on their customers being as happy with their carpets as they are. When you buy a British wool carpet from Penthouse Carpets, you know you’ve bought from a company that really cares. Penthouse are passionate about designing, making and selling high quality, beautiful carpets that set the standard for comfort, warmth and durability.

Based in Lancashire, at the foothills of the South Pennines, Penthouse manufacture British wool carpets that have been pleasing homeowners for decades. The company continue to research and develop their Rochdale-based factory and machinery to ensure consistently high standards in the carpets they produce. The experience, pride and expertise of their workforce means you can be confident that your Penthouse Carpet is a British wool carpet of exceptional quality.

The company also produce a superb range of synthetic carpets.

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