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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions Of Business

  • All prices shown on our invoices are Nett Cash Prices, all discounts will have already been deducted. Payment is strictly nett and deposit is due before delivery. The balance must be paid within 3 days of fitting.
  • No responsibility can be accepted by the company for damage to under-floor piping, cabling etc. (Unless the exact location of any obstructions are given in writing prior to the installation.)
  • If fitting is to be carried out on a wood or tiled floor, the surface must be such that satisfactory fitting can be effected and no responsibility can be accepted for any damage caused to tiles.
  • All carpets are subject to the British Standard tolerance of +/-1.25%
  • Any quotation does not allow for the removal and easing of doors in the event of new carpet being too thick for the existing clearance.
  • Plain carpets may develop shading – that is to show light and dark patches due to uneven crushing of the surface – commonly known as pile pressure. No care on the part of the manufacturer can avoid this tendency which is inherent in all pile fabrics, and is in no way detrimental to the wear of the carpets.
  • Existing carpet should be taken up by the customer before the new carpet is laid.
  • When using broadloom and body carpets in one fitting, it is occasionally found that variations occur in pattern and colour. Every effort will, of course, be made to ensure as exact a match as possible but no guarantee of matching can be given.
  • It is essential whenever possible, to ensure that stair carpet is regularly moved to effect evenness of wear. (In a number of cases it is not possible to move fitted stair carpet.)
  • The ownership and title of the goods, the subject of this invoice, remain with the supplier, until such time as full payment of all monies under this invoice are due.

Registrations and authorisations

Our VAT number is 289733642.

Our details

The full name of our company is Norman Foster Carpets.

We are registered in England & Wales under registration number 11077495.

Our registered address is 94-96 Fulthorpe Avenue, Mowden Shops, Darlington , County Durham, DL3 9XT.

You can contact us by email to info@normanfostercarpets.co.uk.