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Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets have been manufacturers of the finest Axminster & Wilton carpets since 1938. With a long held a reputation for the highest quality and most luxurious carpets in the market place, Ulster have always focused on design, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Although a global player in the world of carpet, the business remains family owned and generations of skilled local craftsmen and women have proudly woven Ulster carpet at the original Castle Island site in County Armagh.

It is the dedication of the people at Ulster combined with the commitment to local manufacturing, which ensures only the finest carpets bear the Ulster name. Every part of the manufacturing process is managed within the UK, from the processing of the wool at Ulster Yarns (Dewsbury), through to dyeing, weaving and finishing at Castleisland. This level of control results in the unrivalled quality of an Ulster Carpet.

A superior floor covering is not just defined by quality manufacturing but also exceptional design. The Kidderminster based design team translate their creative talents into producing stunning carpet ranges and colour-ways, which appeal to every taste.

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