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Associated Weavers

Associated Weavers is one of the biggest producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe. From the start, in the late 60s of the last century, AW has been the designer par excellence of printed broadloom carpet. For years AW’s innovative designs have been trendsetters and therefore much in demand in Europe and the United Kingdom, bringing the rich and luxuriant Axminster designs and colours to life in their carpets.

When furnishing your home, the many pro’s of wall-to-wall carpet simply cannot be ignored. Broadloom carpet has it all: warmth,softness, ambience. What’s more delightful than stretching out in front on the fireplace with a book or tablet, or shuffling around the room on bare feet to feel the soft fabric beneath you?



In only a few years, iSense® has become one of the UK’s favourite brands when it comes to super soft carpet. More than 120,000 households already enjoy its comfortable touch and luxurious feel.

iSense® carpet is not only soft, but also extremely durable. In wear resistance tests, it easily outperforms all other soft
residential carpets on the UK market.


Invictus® stands for invincible comfort that will convince even the most demanding amongst you.

The carpets’ stunningly rich texture and opulent body is created using another revelation: iVinci®, the latest generation of solution dyed olefin yarns combining appealing softness with superb colours and outperforming stain resistance.


Remember those stressful Sunday afternoons at your grandparents? When you were just a child, and any spill on the carpet was a drama? For better childhood memories, there’s Vivendi®. Cool carpet for happy people.

With a Vivendi® carpet, nothing stops you from enjoying life’s best moments. Vivendi® is made with the exclusive iVivo® yarn, a solution dyed nylon of an exceptional quality. It makes Vivendi® carpet bleach cleanable, incredibly resilient, superbly
wear-resistant and yet pleasantly soft. With four diverse ranges, there’s a carpet to make all people happy: from playful to dense, from discreet pastels to trendy greys and intense colours.

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